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Personal details
Spouse(s) Mary

Will is a congressional aide to Roger Furlong.

Background Edit

Personal Edit

Will is married to a woman named Mary. According to Furlong, Will apparently "likes them old". They tried to conceive a child but couldn't due to Mary's infertility.

Professional Edit

Will has been working for Ohio Congressman Roger Furlong since he was fifteen years old. Despite the constant verbal abuse at Will's expense, Will claims to enjoy his job.

Will appears to have had a previous working relationship with Dan Egan as the two are familiar with each other. Egan had previously worked for an Ohio congresswoman, so it's likely they knew each other through Ohio politics.

In a Kissing Your Sister deleted scene, it is revealed that Will has secretly been planning Furlong's death and would make it look like an accident if he were to actually do it.

As of 2045, Will is wheelchair-bound and clearly in ailing health. Furlong acts as his caretaker and still uses Will for comedic relief.

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