The United States federal government shutdown of 2015 began in March 2015, an act by President Stuart Hughes to divert attention away from the Uzbek Hostage Crisis, and blame the shutdown on Congress. The shutdown ended sometime later. The major players of the shutdown were President Stuart Hughes, Vice President Selina Meyer, House Speaker Jim Marwood, and House Majority Leader Mary King.

Background Edit

In January 2015, the Uzbek Hostage Crisis, which began shortly before the midterms, ended, and it was revealed later that month that one of the hostages was a spy, endangering the lives of the other hostages who weren't spies. President Hughes reputation was damaged by this, and an investigation was pending in the following months.

In February 2015, Vice President Selina Meyer and House Majority Leader Mary King finally agreed on a budget for, only for it to be thrown out by Hughes to divert attention away from the spy story.

The shutdown Edit

Following the start of the shutdown, Hughes, in an interview with Politico, blamed Meyer for the shutdown, leading to House Speaker Jim Marwood excluding her from budget talks.

While filming an episode of "First Response with Janet Ryland", Meyer found out that the shutdown would come to an end.

Bear Attack Edit

During the shutdown, at a Minnesota national park, a man was killed by a bear. Due to the shutdown, there were no rangers on scene to prevent the attack. The widower blamed the people who started this shutdown, in turn blaming Meyer. In an act to cash in on the attack, Minnesota Governor Danny Chung went to console her.

Aftermath Edit

The shutdown did little to divert attention away from the Uzbek Hostage Crisis, especially as, in the First Response interview, Meyer took the blame for the crisis and apologized to the American people.

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