Sue Wilson is the Personal Secretary to the President. She was also Selina Meyer's personal secretary when she was Vice President. She is portrayed by Sufe Bradshaw

Description Edit

Her day-to-day role includes: scheduling and canceling meetings, keeping Jonah out of the office, and making sure the VP is on time for her upcoming appointments. A direct and straightforward person, she doesn't tolerate nonsense and is straight to the point. She truly believes that she is the third most important person in the world, as she arranges for people to see Selina, who is the second most important person in the world. 

Assistant to Vice President Meyer (2013 - 2016) Edit

In the first season, Sue is involved in a recurring joke in which Selina asks if the President has called, to which Sue replies "no". Sue also often times competes with Gary over who is closer to Selina. During the government shutdown, Sue is one of the staffers who are temporarily let go.

In the second season, she is able to charm Kent during a potential job interview where she is very matter of fact. By season three they seem to be flirting, something that is noticed, but unremarked upon by the rest of the staff. Their relationship deteriorates after Kent forces Sue to cancel a hard-won appointment with Prince Charles though they continue to be courteous to one another.

Assistant to President Meyer (2016 - 2017) Edit

In Election Night she has a friend over to watch the election results in the White House office. She admits to liking Amy despite the fact that Sue is always outwardly cold to her.

In the fifth season it is revealed that Sue had married a year earlier without telling anyone in the office. Her age also comes into question after a returning senior staffer recognizes her. Kent later tries to determine her age by asking her if she'd seen The Godfather in its original release but was unable to get a satisfactory response.

Sue is the only person not to appear in Catherine Meyer's documentary Kissing Your Sister and as such only appears briefly with her face pixelated to say that she does not give permission to appear in the film.

Sue can also speak some Korean as she is able to tell Mike "I hate you" in that language in C**Tgate

Assistant to Laura Montez (2017 - Present) Edit

In Inauguration, it is revealed that Sue was the only member of the Meyer administration kept on at the White House where she continues to work as personal secretary for now president Laura Montez.

Trivia Edit

-In Thanksgiving, it was revealed that Sue is married.

Quotes from SueEdit

"Don't do jokes, Cliff. I don't have a sense of humor and neither should you."
"I'm just saying, I'm looking out for you. I wouldn't want you to become a fat, neurotic freak. Speaking as a friend."

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