Stuart Hughes is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2013 until 2016, when he became the second U.S. president to resign from office. In March 2018, he was nominated by President Laura Montez to become a justice on the Supreme Court.

Hughes' image began to falter in 2014 following the Uzbek Hostage Crisis, in which several American hostages were held against their will for months in Uzbekistan. It was later revealed that one of the hostages was a spy and Hughes knew about this. To divert attention away from this, Hughes shutdown the Government in 2015. Facing certain impeachment, Hughes announced he would not seek re-election in 2016. He resigned in January 2016 to take care of his wife, who tried to kill herself a month prior.

To drive home the fact of his relative unimportance in the scope of the series, in contrast to his presumed power due to position, Hughes has never been seen (apart from a very brief moment in Hostages) and is most commonly referred to as "POTUS". He is a member of the Democratic Party

Presidency (2013 - 2016)Edit

President Hughes won the Democratic 2012 primaries, was elected in 2012 and inaugurated on January 20th 2013. He is revealed to be married in the episode Catherine, when he and his wife (a.k.a. FLOTUS) are considering adopting a dog (a.k.a. FDOTUS). During the Uzbek Hostage Crisis, it is revealed that Hughes had knowledge that one of the hostages was a spy, endangering the lives of the other hostages who weren't spies.

After VP Selina Meyer and House Majority Leader Mary King make a deal that will prevent the Government from shutting down, at the last minute Hughes stalls on the deal and the Government shuts down as an act to draw attention away from the spy scandal. Meanwhile, there is news that a challenger will fight Hughes for the nomination as he is growing more and more toxic within his own party, with key figures like Chung, Doyle, and Furlong turning against him. Impeachment talks grow as well due to the Spy Scandal, with the Senate and the House after Hughes. He later announces he's not going to run for re-election.


The Uzbek Hostage Crisis. President Hughes is presumably one of the men in this photo.

While Selina is in London, the first lady attempts to take her own life and grows more mentally unstable. On January 24, 2016, Hughes resigned as President of the United States, leaving Meyer to become the next President.

Post-Presidency (2016 - Present) Edit

Following his resignation, Hughes took care of his wife, who had attempted to kill herself the month prior. In Omaha, two years later, it is revealed that his memoir has fetched an advance of $20 million.

The Stuart Hughes Presidential Library and Museum Edit


The Hughes Library.

In Library, Selina attended the opening of The Stuart Hughes Presidential Library and Museum, which opened in January 2018 and is located in Riverside, California. They filmed this at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.

Tenure as Supreme Court Justice (2017 - Present) Edit

In March 2018, Hughes was nominated by President Laura Montez to replace Supreme Court Justice Tenny. It is implied that Hughes was confirmed.

Relationship with Selina MeyerEdit

President Stuart Hughes and Vice President Selina Meyer have a tenuous relationship. Selina feels left out of the governing process most of the first season, only getting the President's worst assignments at the same time seeing her pet projects crushed for other parts of the President's agenda. At the end of Season One, Selina's distance from the President seems to hit a maxim when she finds out he went golfing with political rival Governor Danny Chung and fears the President will replace her on the reelection ticket.

This relationship changes at the start of Season Two ("Midterms") when the President's agenda is rejected by the American people and the administration's party loses control of the House in the 2014 Midterm elections. Selina uses some slight leverage to take more of a role in foreign policy.

This improved work relationship deteriorates in a hurry when it is revealed the President failed to disclose to Congress that one of the hostages in the Uzbek Hostage Crisis was a spy ("Helsinki"), putting Selina in a no-win PR situation. This is followed up by the President tabling a deal Selina negotiates to avert a government shutdown in order to make a political statement, again negating any sign of Selina's power.

Trivia Edit

-His not appearing may be a reference to The Thick of It, a British show that is similar to Veep, also created by Armando Iannucci, where the Prime Minister remains unseen throughout the show's 4 seasons.

-It is revealed in Thanksgiving that Hughes was actually considering dropping Selina from the ticket if he ran for re-election. Doyle also reveals that Hughes would promise him Secretary of State in his second term.

-Ben claims that Hughes is a fan of the film "Full Metal Jacket".

-Selina claims that Hughes has never picked up a book in his life.

-Hughes is briefly seen in Hostages and in a photo in The Vic Allen Dinner, in the situation room surveying the Uzbek Hostage Crisis. He is noted by Selina and Kent to look "jowly". These are his only appearances in the entire series.

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