Some New Beginnings: Our Next American Journey is a memoir of Vice President of the United States Selina Meyer, published in June 2015.

The book was promoted partly in light of the possibility of a Meyer bid in the 2016 presidential election. Meyer staged an extensive promotional tour for the book, primarily in the state of Iowa, where she went to win over possible caucus voters.

Description Edit

From back of book: In the long and distinguished tradition of political memoirs, Selina Meyer's brilliant Some New Beginnings - Our Next American Journey asks some difficult questions. And offers some equally difficult answers...

Excerpts Edit

"Freedom is what this nation is built on... And freedom means the freedom to choose how to use that freedom to protect the freedom of others."

Testimonials Edit

"This is exactly the book we have all been expecting." -New York Magazine

"Selina Meyer is that rarest of politicians, a woman..." -Entertainment Weekly

"As free of irony as it's possible to get. Selina Meyer has really raised the bar." -The Atlantic

"Jaw-dropping." -People

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