The 2012 presidential campaign of Selina Meyer, U.S. Senator from Maryland, was announced in 2011/2012. Selina Meyer was a United States Senator from Maryland until 2013. Her candidacy in 2012 was her first run for President, as she ran again in 2016. Both runs were ultimately unsuccessful.

Several months after the conclusion of her campaign, Meyer was selected to be Democratic Party presidential nominee Stuart Hughes vice presidential running mate. The pair won in the general election, and were sworn in on January 20, 2013.

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According to Fundraiser, Mike was later the one who ran her failed campaign to become President of the United States. According to the Veep intro, Meyer did very well in New Hampshire but did poorly on Super Tuesday. In the primaries, she lasted until at least Oregon.

According to Mike, the two biggest mistakes of her primary campaign was "she looked tired and the hat. The hat hurt us". The two biggest mistakes according to Dan were that "she spent too much time in New Hampshire and the attack ads in Oregon came up way too soon. It made you look mean before you had to be mean."

In Chung, Selina said she spoke in favor of immigration amnesty all throughout the primary campaign.

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Hughes-Meyer campaign 2012 Edit

While Meyer's campaign did not last beyond the primaries, party frontrunner Stuart Hughes chose her as his running mate. The two were successful and won the 2012 U.S. presidential election against an unknown opponent.

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Starting in January 2013, Meyer served as Vice President of the United States for Stuart Hughes, but later turned out to regret her decision.

Selina Meyer presidential campaign, 2016 Edit

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With Hughes favorability falling fast, he announced he would not run for re-election. On October 18, 2015, Meyer announced she would run for President. After winning the primaries, the Election ended in an historic tie and the vote went to the House and Senate, where Meyer ultimately lost.

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