Veep (Season 4)
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 10
Original network HBO
Originally aired April 12 – June 14, 2015
Season chronology
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The rulebook's been torn up now, and America's wiping it's nasty ass with it!
– Selina

Veep Season 4 was announced in 2014. It premiered on April 12, 2015 and ended on June 14, 2015.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Selina and the staff adapt to their new roles in the west wing while campaigning for the election; Dan and Amy look for work outside the White House.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Weeks after becoming President, Selina's first speech to a joint session of Congress is messed up as a typo continues Former President Stuart Hughes plans. Selina also appoints Andrew Doyle as Vice President and drafts a Families First Bill to make a difference in the lives of poor income families.

Around Easter, Ben informs Selina that there’s been a data breach: medical and social security records, including a nine-year-old AIDS victim, were hacked by a member of her campaign team and subsequently used in the Families First press pack. Selina demands her staff find a scapegoat to fire since the responsible party would be impossible to identify. While attempting to fire Jonah, Richard (Jonah's new assistant) reveals that Selina’s “I Care” mailer was deliberately targeted at recently bereaved parents. Someone from the campaign used child-mortality data from the same federal data breach that identified 8-year-old Jennifer Graham. Dan is later scapegoated, and begins working as a lobbyist for Sidney Purcell.

At the Party Convention, Doyle announces he's leaving the ticket after Inauguration Day, and Selina wants to get someone spectacular, first going to Chung, and then Maddox. After Amy continues to feel ignored by Selina and her new friend Karen, Amy breaks down and quits the team. Selina then gives Connecticut Senator Tom James the spot as running mate, but he quickly overshadows her in terms of public opinion.

The Families First Bill continues becoming toxic. Selina tasks the team with trying to kill the bill if they want a chance at winning the Election. When the bill fails, one Congressman becomes suspicious and demands an investigation into the vote. The staff gives their testimony to find out who was responsible. In the process, the data breaches are revealed to the public, and Bill Ericsson is blamed for all of it.

On the night of the election, Selina and Tom James face off against Senator Bill O'Brien and his running mate Laura Montez. The election ends in an electoral tie. In the event of a tie, the house has until January 20 to vote on a President, but if the house vote ties, the vote goes to the Senate where the VP elect becomes President, meaning Selina could lose the election to Tom. After Selina's rally, Tom asks her if she wants to be his Veep, should he ever become President.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Picture Title # No. Original airdate
401header11.jpg "Joint Session" 29 1 April 12, 2015
Selina is about to make her first big speech as president; The staff adjusts to their new roles in the White House.
150413-veep-ep30-ss2-1920.jpg "East Wing" 30 2 April 19, 2015
Selina welcomes the Israeli Prime Minister, as Gary goes over-budget on the planning of the dinner; Amy learns someone new is joining the staff.
JEtwQSP4tT9oTXEimAharvirjaO.jpg "Data" 31 3 April 26, 2015
The staff is caught in the middle of a large scandal and starts looking for someone to take the blame, just as the annual Easter Egg Roll is held at the White House.
Veep-episode-32-1280.jpg "Tehran" 32 4 May 3, 2015
Selina goes to Iran to free a detained American reporter; Gary and Mike panic as they realize they've been left at the airport in Tehran.
405.jpeg "Convention" 33 5 May 10, 2015
Hours before the Party Convention, Selina struggles to find a replacement as Doyle announces he's leaving the ticket; Dan works with Jonah and Richard for a client.
406image.png "Storms and Pancakes" 34 6 May 17, 2015
Selina is worried when Tom James, her running mate, unknowingly takes her spotlight on the campaign trail; Amy gets a job working with Dan.
407 - 19.png "Mommy Meyer" 35 7 May 24, 2015
Selina prepares for a night with some of her old colleagues; Tom accidentally stirs trouble after a shooting in Pittsburgh; Amy and Dan lobby for the concrete industry.
408 - 19.png "B/ill" 36 8 May 31, 2015
In order to get their bill to fail, the staff tries to get Representatives to vote against it; Selina must work while sick in bed.
409.jpg "Testimony" 37 9 June 7, 2015
The staff is interrogated by a congressional committee to find out who exactly was responsible for the data breach and the lobbying.
410-5.jpg "Election Night" 38 10 June 14, 2015
Selina and her staff find their nerves growing frayed as each state result is called.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The fourth season received acclaim from critics. It received a Metacritic score of 90 out of 100 based on 11 reviews.  As with the previous season, Veep scored a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 17 reviews, with an average rating of 8.5 out of 10. The site's consensus reads, "Veep shows no signs of slowing down in its fourth season, thanks to sharp, funny, rapid-fire dialogue between POTUS and her hilariously incompetent staff."  Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "Veep enters its fourth season, firmly established as one of television’s best comedies, and then immediately does what seems impossible—it delivers its most thoroughly assured, hilarious and brilliantly written and acted episodes."  Ben Travers of Indiewire wrote that "Veep is incomparable in comedy" and that "the HBO comedy has crafted a style so unique the series itself is entirely its own beast."

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

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