Roger Furlong is an American politician who is the current House Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, and a U.S. Representative from Ohio. He is formerly the vice-chair of the House Oversight Committee. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

Furlong is reliably vulgar and acidic in his dealings with everyone, from his personal assistant to Selina and her staff. Despite this, he is an astute politician and able congressman.

Season 1Edit

He first appears in the season 1 finale, Tears. In the episode the Congressman is hosting a fundraising dinner in Cleveland at which Selina is initially asked to endorse Furlong's run for Ohio governor. Furlong though tells Selina when she arrives that he would not like her to endorse him due to her low approval ratings, causing Selina to have a mental breakdown. He also is seen in the episode verbally abusing his aide Will and threatening to drag Dan Egan into a House Ethics Committee over Egan's handling of the Clean Jobs Bill.

Due to a sudden approvals bounce, Furlong changes his mind again at the last minute and does have Selina ultimately endorse him. But after learning Selina's staff manipulated the PR bounce by making Selina cry, Furlong ends Season 1 by angrily threatening to drag Selina's entire staff into the Ethics committee.

Season 2Edit

On the night of the 2014 midterms, starts with Furlong losing his race for the Ohio governorship. He does, however, remain in Congress, albeit now in the minority party, and his loss in the governor's battle only seems to make him bitterer.

His vitriol hits new peaks in the second episode of the season, Signals. He tells Will that he is tired of spraying "nice juice" at average people and continues to verbally abuse Will profusely, most memorably by comparing him to a "condom full of fireants". In a subsequent scene with Sue, Sue fights off a blatant lie of Furlong's by revealing Furlong is married and that Furlong's wife has recently run in the Seattle Marathon. It is also mentioned in passing later in the episode that Furlong will now focus on running for the Ohio Senate in the next election cycle.

He also appears later in the season during the episode Helsinki, when he confronts Ben and Kent for the spy cover-up in the Uzbek Hostage Crisis. In D.C., Furlong is suspicious after a slip of the tongue as Selina promised that the two of them would run in 2020.

Season 3 Edit

Furlong appears at the first party debate, helping Selina in debate prep.

Season 4 Edit

Furlong speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. In a deleted scene, Selina temporarily considers him for the position as her running mate.

Quotes Edit

"People are always asking me, 'Who is Roger Furlong?' And I always refer them to the same passage of the Good Book. The Scriptures. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."