Richard John Splett is the current Chief of Staff to former President Selina Meyer. He previously worked as a campaign aide and Director of Communications for Congressman Jonah Ryan. Splett is portrayed by actor Sam Richardson.



Splett was raised Roman Catholic, with his grandmother being unpleasantly evangelical and conservative. His family also follows basketball "like a religion". It is hinted that his Aunt was actually his mother, with his grandmother pretending to be his mother for his entire life.

Due to his religious upbringing he does not know how to masturbate, referring to it as "self-husbandry", doing so the first time when Catherine Meyer and Marjorie Palmiotti ask him to be their donor. He is a fan of Robert DeNiro movies and reading, in addition to performing amateur operetta in his spare time. His favourite drinks include White Russian's and Eggnog Latte's. He is a self confessed anxious man, listening to self motivation books on his iPod.


Richard attended Yale University, where he was a member of Skull and Bones secret society, (mentioned in Library) and the Illinois Institute of Technology. In Morning After, it is revealed that he holds two Doctorates, the first in Constitutional Law and the second, his back-up, in Veterinary Medicine. He wrote his doctoral thesis on election recount procedures in the west.

Season 3Edit

Richard makes his first appearance in the Season 3 premiere Some New Beginnings where he acts as Selina's bodyman in Iowa when Gary is away at Mike's wedding.

Season 5 Edit

Richard Splett begins the season as Jonah Ryan's assistant but is quickly promoted to handle the recount in Nevada when he explains that his doctorate was in electoral procedures in the mid-west. After the recount fails, he returns to the White House only to be sent to New Hampshire to aid in Jonah's congressional campaign as communications director. While there he brands Jonah as Jonah Ryan (with a star as the 'a' in Jonah) causing voters to mistakenly believe his name is Jon H. Ryan.

Season 6 Edit

Soon after Selina left office, Richard joined Selina's entourage and became her Chief of Staff.