Quincy Carter is the editor of the New Hampshire Globe.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

While Selina tours a mall, Amy brings word that Quincy Carter, the editor of the New Hampshire Globe, has arrived to speak with the Veep. “Oh god, that Dickensian shit-stack?” Selina mutters. Dan reminds her that Quincy can swing the entire New Hampshire vote. Quincy informs Selina that they’re planning to run a story on her crate -- “Crate Expectations” -- which reveals the “folksy” crate cost $1,200 to make. Dan retrieves Mike from his lunch with Wendy to smooth things over with Quincy, who agrees to do an in-depth interview instead.

Immediately following a strange and uncomfortable interview with Quincy, Selina bad mouths him. “He has his head so far up his ass he can wave out his mouth,” she complains. Sue announces that they’ve received another campaign donation -- $4,000 -- which she labels as a GUMMI donation: Give Us More Money, Idiot. Ben asks her, “Whatever happened to HADDA? ‘How About Digging Deeper, Assholes?’” Amy notices that Quincy left his phone on Selina’s desk, and it’s recorded everything. Dan turns it off, but no one can decide what to do about the audio file before the phone locks. Quincy returns, and they’re forced to hand the phone over with the incriminating recording intact.

As Selina prepares to head to a community center, Sue informs her that two of the donors withdrew their donations. Quincy ran a story about the GUMMI code, writing that “any organization donating to the Meyer campaign may want to reflect on how its tight-fisted idiocy is mocked by the woman on the $1,200 crate.”

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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