Well, I love fish. Some men do not like the taste - I do.
– Osmo to Amy, sexually referring to Selina

Osmo Häkkinen is the husband of prime minister Minna Häkkinen of Finland. He interacts with U.S. Vice-President Selina Meyer in the episode Helsinki, when Meyer visits the country to sign a trade agreement with his wife.

Season 2 Edit

Osmo appears to be have a much harsher and meaner personality than his wife, belittling her ministers and bringing up sore subjects with Selina. He becomes a key player in the Helsinki episode when he gropes Selina's left breast when the two go outside of his residence for a smoke break.

Selina quickly rejects Osmo's romantic advance and is hostile towards Osmo for the rest of the trip, ultimately threatening him as she leaves Finland. Her hostility toward Osmo is shared by Gary when he is informed by Selina of the grope, ultimately saying that Osmo "looks like a Disney villain."

It is unknown whether or not him and Minna are still married.

Appearances Edit