Minna Häkkinen is the current UN Special Envoy for Election Monitoring. She previously served as the head of the International Monetary Fund and the Prime Minister of Finland.



Minna is married to Osmo Häkkinen, and has one son, Otto. She has a difficult relationship with her husband, with the two seeming to only stay together for the sake of her career. Her son attempted to commit suicide by weighting his boots and jumping into an ice hole, and now no longer speaks to her.

She speaks fluent Finnish, English and Mandarin.


Minna was elected as the Prime Minister of Finland sometime before Season 2. In political circles she is known as "The Finnish Wolf".

Season 2Edit

She hosts U.S. Vice-President Selina Meyer in the episode Helsinki, when Meyer visits the country to sign a trade agreement. She proves difficult for Selina to interact with, due to her literal and blunt translations of English and the two's differing sense of humor.

Her personality to the viewer is also a bit difficult to grasp as she interacts with Selina primarily in a professional way. She seems to have a healthy sense of humor but also teases Dan and Selina past the point of good taste. She does take Selina's missteps with grace, laughing off a weak diplomatic present from Selina when Selina confuses Minna's love of eating fish for the act of fishing. In the end, Minna comes across as likeable even if a bit naive.

Minna's husband, Osmo, gropes Selina's breast during Selina's visit. It does not appear that Minna is made aware of her husband's behavior.

Season 3Edit

In the episode Detroit, Minna appears at EmployCon as the keynote speaker, due to deliver a talk on economics and promote her new book, "The Finnish Wolf". She is no longer Prime Minister of Finland, but as to why is never expanded upon. She later speaks with Jonah Ryan (mistakenly believing he is still part of Selinas entourage) and tells him that Selina criticised the Second Amendment during a conversation about the death of Emily Lafuente . Jonah immediately contacts his boss George Maddox to tell him, as such a comment could cause Selina to drop in the polls.

Minna later pressures Selina to make her announcement about the 7000 new jobs in Turville Industries, despite Meyer having been informed beforehand by Andrew Meyer that the company is due to go bust in 6 months. However, this information was not passed on to Minna before the discussion.

Season 5Edit

Asians and camp David

Season 6Edit

Minna appears in the episode Georgia, where she is now working as the UN Special Envoy for Election Monitoring. She has an even more positive view of Selina, despite the fact the two have only met a handful of times, calling her her "best friend". It becomes obvious she despises the incumbent Georgian President Murman Shalikashvili, who insults her by commenting on the ineffectiveness of the UN regarding a genocide in the Congo.

In a car journey, she tells Selina that her son attempted suicide by plunging himself into an ice hole, and now won't speak to her. She and Selina Meyer attend a meeting in the home of pro-reform candidate Nikolai Genidze, who Minna and the US are supporting in his campaign to win the Georgian elections. Nevertheless, it is revealed that the two are actually lovers.

On the day of the election, where it appears significant electoral fraud is being committed, Minna organises a press conference with the International Electoral Commission where she plans to announce they believe the election has been undemocratic. However, having been promised a $20 million "donation" from President Murman Shalikashvili, Selina attempts to dissuade her. Meyer questions Minna's judgement and lack of bias, especially considering her relationship with Nikolai Genidze. Taken aback, Minna agrees and says she will recuse herself, and thanks Selina for mentioning the conflict of interest. She is last seen hugging an uncomfortable Selina as the election unfolds on television.

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