I'm just a regular guy, a sports fan, a dog lover and basically just a guy - just a pretty average guy.
– Mike

Mike McLintock is the former White House Press Secretary and the former Director of Communications under Vice President Selina Meyer.  He is also a long time employee of Selina and has been working with her since her early days as Senator of Maryland.  Mike's commitment to work is a bit questionable as he often makes up excuses to get out of work like having a pretend pet dog. He is portrayed by Matt Walsh.

Description Edit

Mike is a stalwart of the political communications scene and first began working for Selina when she was Senator for Maryland. As he puts it - "I've been with Selina now for longer than I care to remember. In fact, longer than I can actually remember!" He helped mastermind her Presidential campaign to a very creditable third place - a campaign of which he is rightfully proud.

VP's Director of Communications (2013 - 2016) Edit

In the first season, Mike is Director of Communications after running Selina's failed primary campaign. He frequently uses a fake dog to get out of things he doesn't want to do.

As time goes on Mike becomes increasingly demoralized by his job, feeling unsuccessful. Mike is terrible with money. In Midterms, he reveals that he bought a boat putting him severely in debt. He then decides to double down and buy a new car putting his debt at $100,000.

In Some New Beginnings, Mike gets married to Wendy, a fashion reporter. He spends his honeymoon at home, having sex and watching old movies. Mike and Wendy try to conceive a child through fertility treatments. When he thinks that Selina's campaign for President may be finished, he begins thinking of a life at home with Wendy, only for Selina to ascend to the Presidency.

White House Press Secretary (2016 - 2017) Edit

With Selina now President, Mike becomes White House Press Secretary, and Jim Owens replaces him as Selina's director of communications. The two seem to have a friendly relationship, with Mike seeming distraught when Owens is fired and replaced with Bill Ericsson. Mike is one of the people in charge of writing Selina's first (and only) joint session address.

Despite having a new position, Mike continues to hate his job, being the one responsible for helping her with debate prep. However, according to Wendy, he's the reason she won the first debate. In Mommy Meyer, Mike has a mini-breakdown, snapping at Selina (briefly). He continues to drown his sorrows at "Friday Night Drinks" with Kent, Bill, Ben, Jonah, and Richard.

The day after the election is projected to be a tie, Wendy tells Mike that they are going to be adopting a Chinese baby. When Selina accidentally sends a tweet and blames it on the Chinese, in order to justify this, Selina imposes new sanctions on China, including a ban on all foreign adoptions. Looking for a Plan B, Mike and Wendy begin looking for a surrogate. In Camp David, he learns that not only is his surrogate pregnant with twins, but, with the Chinese sanctions lifted, his adoption has gone through, meaning he will be the father of three newborns.

Towards the end of season five, it is revealed that the staff has been planning on firing Mike for months. When it is revealed that Selina will be replaced by Laura Montez, Mike looks forward to a simpler life at home.


"I've been with Selina now for longer than I can care to remember.  In fact, longer than I can actually remember!"

"This is blowing up like a gas station in a Michael Bay movie."

“Dan, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you kind of look like an asshole” S1E2

“You lost me at ‘hello’ Gary” S3

“Campaigns are a lot more difficult than experimental dance troupes, Catherine” S3E10

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