The following is a list of characters that appear in the HBO Original Series Veep.

Main Characters Edit

Picture Titles Description
Selina Thumb
Selina Meyer
U.S. Senator from Maryland, 47th Vice President of the United States, 45th President of the United States A former Maryland Senator who, in the start of the series, is the titular Vice President, or "Veep". During this term, she often feels powerless, disregarded, and discontented in her position as second-in-command. During her tenure as Vice President, she has a strained relationship with the President. She ascends to the office of the presidency in season 3, after the former sitting president resigns for personal reasons, during the time when she was running for her party's nomination. Due to a complex manipulation of constitutional law, she loses the presidential race in season 5.
Gary Thumb
Gary Walsh
Bagman to Selina Meyer A long-term associate and confidant of Selina, Gary is portrayed as incredibly loyal and giving. In the fourth and fifth seasons, Gary is portrayed as having issues adapting to Selina's presidency, since he can no longer be as close to her as he wants. When Selina fails to win reelection, he remains on as her personal aide. Tony Hale describes Gary's loyalty to Selina stemming from the idea that the character "is one of those guys who never really had an identity. He attached himself to people to find who he was."
Amy Thumb
Amy Brookheimer
Vice President's Chief of Staff, Campaign Manager for Selina Meyer presidential campaign, 2016 She credits herself as the Vice President's "trouble-shooter, problem-solver, issue-mediator, doubt-remover, conscience-examiner, thought-thinker and all-round everything-doer". Amy is constantly sacrificing her own reputation to save Selina's political credibility. She is known to be uptight and overly dedicated to her career, unwilling to settle down and have children, much to the dismay of her family. She has history with both Jonah and Dan, and may still have feelings for the latter. Amy becomes Selina's campaign manager during her presidential run, but resigns as a result of the brief appointment of an unopinionated friend of Selina's to her campaign team. She rejoins the Meyer team when a tie in the general election leads to a statewide recount in Nevada.
Dan Thumb
Dan Egan
Deputy Director of Communications in the Vice President's Office, Campaign Manager for Selina Meyer's 2016 presidential campaign, CNN commentator, CBS News commentator Dan is a highly ambitious up-and-comer in D.C. who takes pride in his contacts and networking skills. He has dated the daughters of influential politicians to get ahead in his career. He often butts heads with Amy, whom he previously dated (and it is suggested he may still have feelings for her). He is fired from the presidential staff after a mental breakdown following several crises. After briefly working unsuccessfully as a lobbyist and CNN analyst, he returns to the campaign staff, as a senior campaign official. When Selina fails to win reelection, Dan goes to work at CBS.
Mike Thumb
Mike McLintock
Vice President's Director of Communications, White House Press Secretary Mike has served as her Communications Director since her time as Senator for Maryland. His dedication to his career is often questionable, to the extent where he pretends to have a pet dog so he can escape from work commitments. In the third season, he marries a reporter named Wendy Keegan. In season four, Mike becomes the White House Press Secretary. In season five, Mike and Wendy attempt to adopt a baby. They ultimately adopt a Chinese toddler, and have twins via a surrogate.
Jonah Thumb
Jonah Ryan
White House liaison to Vice President Meyer's office, founder of Ryantology, U.S. Representative from New Hampshire Jonah constantly clashes with most members of the Veep's office, particularly Amy, a former love interest. It is shown that he is disliked by everyone he encounters, even foreign politicians. In the third season, he is temporarily fired from the White House for running a blog covering inside information, leading him to create his own news website, Ryantology. In season four, he works again as a liaison, this time between President Meyer and Vice President Doyle. He later works for the Meyer general election campaign, until a New Hampshire congressman dies. He is then drafted to run for that seat in order to secure Meyer's vote in the electoral college. He is then elected and becomes a congressman, taking Richard as his Chief of Staff.
Sue Thumb
Sue Wilson
Personal secretary for Selina Meyer, and later Laura Montez A direct and straightforward personality in the Veep's office, Sue boasts she is the third most important person in the world, as she is the one who arranges for people to see Selina, the second most important person in the world. In a deposition, the judge boasts that Sue "could organize the D-Day landings and still have time for Iwo Jima". Sue becomes the Chief of Scheduling for the White House in season four. She remains on in that capacity when President Montez is inaugurated.
Ben Thumb
Ben Cafferty
White House Chief of Staff under Stuart Hughes and Selina Meyer Although he is depressed and hapless, he is often very insightful and is treated with respect and even fear throughout Washington. Ben shows little regard for his co-workers or his job, and appears to love his nine-cup coffee thermos more than anything else. Selina refers to him as a "burned-out loser", but he apparently considers her a close friend and resolves to help her become President. Though he was planning on leaving the White House soon, he agrees to remain with the administration indefinitely. When Selina fails to win reelection, he joins a consulting firm with Kent.
Kent Thumb
Kent Davison
White House Senior Strategist, Campaign Manager for Selina Meyer's 2016 presidential campaign Kent is a number-cruncher, and is often referred to as being cold and robotic. His adherence to polling statistics is shown to negatively influence the President's decision-making during several episodes in the second season. Kent also has a focus on the public image of Selina and Catherine. It is implied that he and Sue are in some form of ersatz relationship. Although Selina initially dislikes him, she comes to appreciate his useful polling and statistical data, and he becomes a key part of her administration as President. When Selina fails to win reelection, he joins a consulting firm with Ben.