Lloyd Hennick was the father of Beth Hennick and the ex-husband of Nancy Ryan. He is portrayed by John Carroll Lynch.

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When he was younger, Herrick became romantically involved with his second cousin Nancy Ryan. They left New Hampshire due to stigma from their families and briefly settled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she gave birth to a son, Jonah Ryan. However, after the birth they moved back to New Hampshire.

Herrick's identity as Jonah's biological father was kept secret from Jonah, with the boy being told Herrick was just one of his many stepdads. Herrick later divorced Nancy and remarried, having Beth Hennick with another woman.


He works as a math teacher at a local high school.

Season 7 Edit

Herrick is first introduced in Iowa as Jonah's former stepfather, and the father of his current wife and former step sister Beth Hennick.

In South Carolina, he and Nancy Ryan become closer again and decide to remarry, much to the chagrin of Jonah.

In Oslo, he and Jonah Ryan become closer together, with the latter finally accepting him as his biological father. It is revealed when Jonah finds his birth certificate that Herrick is actually his biological father, with him and Nancy Ryan having briefly eloped in Canada when they were younger, due to the fact they were first cousins. This causes Amy Brookheimer to realise that Beth Hennick, Lloyds daughter from a previous marriage is actually Jonah's half-sister, not just his step sister as previously thought.

Herrick later contracts chickenpox in April 2020 from Jonah, who contracted it due to not being vaccinated as a child. However, due to his older age, the chickenpox proves lethal, causing him to collapse and die. His funeral is attended by Jonah Ryan, Beth Hennick, Clay Hennick, Amy Brookheimer and Dan Egan. During the funeral, Jonah goes back on his apparent reconciliation, referring to Lloyd as his "lame dad" and Beth has an opiate induced breakdown.

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