The following is a list of fictional political figures that have appeared or been mentioned in the television program Veep.

Executive Branch Edit

President of the United States Edit

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Vice Presidents of the United States Edit

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President's Cabinet Edit

U.S. House of Representatives Edit

House Leadership Edit

Representatives Edit

113th United States Congress (2013 - 2015) Edit

114th United States Congress (2015 - 2017) Edit

115th United States Congress (2017 - 2019) Edit

  • Congressman Baines (Arizona) (seen in Congressional Ball)
  • Congressman Baxter (seen in Congressional Ball)
  • Clarence Clark (D)
  • Congressman Coffey (mentioned in Thanksgiving)
  • Connie DiBenedetto (Oregon) (seen in Congressional Ball)
  • Paul Graves (R-Michigan)
  • Congressman Griffin (D-Montana) (seen in Congressional Ball)
  • Helen Hayes (Pennsylvania)
  • Bill Jaeger (Wisconsin District 1)
  • Tamara Lipton (Delaware)
  • Penny Nickerson (Colorado)
  • Congressman Platt (mentioned in Congressional Ball)
  • Congressman Price (Missouri) (mentioned in Thanksgiving)
  • Jonah Ryan (D-New Hampshire District 2)
  • Wyatt Smith (Missouri) (seen in Kissing Your Sister)
  • William Whitney (New Hampshire District 1)

116th United States Congress (2019 - 2021) Edit

  • Congressman Griffin (D-Montana) (seen in Veep)
  • Bill Jaeger (Wisconsin District 1)
  • Ezra Kane (New Hampshire District 2)

U.S. Senate Edit

Current members Edit

  • Senator Bixby (mentioned in Fundraiser)
  • Phillip Dorsey (2009 - present)
  • Mike Dudley (seen in Fundraiser)
  • Senator Geldray (mentioned in East Wing)
  • Barbara Hallowes (D-Nevada)
  • Senator Lambert (mentioned in Storms and Pancakes)
  • Senator Lowden
  • Senator Lowell (seen in Inauguration)
  • Senator Lucas (mentioned in Fundraiser)
  • Senator Macauley (mentioned in Nicknames)
  • Senator McKensie (mentioned in D.C.)
  • Senator Murray (seen in Inauguration)
  • Senator Nelson (seen in Inauguration)
  • Bill O'Brien (R-Arizona)
  • Senator Summerland (seen in Inauguration)
  • Senator Wallace (seen in Inauguration)
  • Senator Wilkie (mentioned in Storms and Pancakes)
  • Senator Yinui (Hawaii) (seen in Inauguration)

Former members Edit

Judicial Branch Edit

Supreme Court of the United States Edit

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Former Supreme Court Justices Edit

State governments Edit

Governors Edit

Foreign governments Edit

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