Leon West is a reporter and the former press secretary for Selina Meyer's 2020 presidential campaign. He is portrayed by Brian Huskey.

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Nicknamed “The Wizard” by friends and foes alike, Leon West has been one of the most influential political journalists in America for more than two decades. Formerly with the Washington Post, where he carried on that paper’s legendary investigative traditions, West was known for his dogged pursuit of big stories. His five-part series on cost overruns and poor performance by the Navy’s MN-320 “Beachcomber” Hovercraft won the Weinfeld Award for Military Reporting in 2017.

In 2016, in an uncomfortable episode, West made news himself when he was detained in Tehran by the Iranian government for six days. A self-described “wonk,” West says he actually relaxes by reading policy papers in his spare time and has gotten more than a few scoops just by thoroughly reviewing material others find too boring to read all the way through. A graduate of the University of Michigan, West has a pet cat named Redacted.

Season 1 Edit

Leon first appears in Frozen Yoghurt, demanding Dan give him a story about Selina. He also appears in Baseball, revealing that Selina is "repugnant."

Season 2 Edit

Leon appears again in Andrew, resurfacing the nickname "Meyer the Liar."

Season 3 Edit

Leon appears in Alicia, covering Selina's announcement that she will be running for President.

Season 4 Edit

In Tehran, it is revealed that Leon has been detained in the city of Tehran. Selina flies there, but delays his release one day as she is still on her successful Middle East peace tour. Leon discovers this and demands to do a story about it.

Season 5 Edit

Leon appears in C**Tgate, demanding to know who called the President the c-word, as revealed in a Politico story.

Season 6 Edit

In the final episode of season 6, while Selina is in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Leon is seen with the rest of the team, seemingly taking Mike's job as Communications Director.

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