Karen Collins is a lawyer and former senior adviser to Selina Meyer. She is portrayed by Lennon Parham.

Description Edit

Karen is an old friend of Selina from her old lawyering days. She says her main skills are in "common sense". However, everyone around her is annoyed by her personality, inability to give a clear response to any question, and saying things like "What do I think? I think there's a lot to think."

Season 4 Edit

Karen first appears in Tehran, as Selina brings her in. She works for Selina up until the Convention, when Amy breaks down and gets fired, finally opening Selina's eyes to Karen's wishy-washiness. She is subsequently fired, but appears on Election Night as a friend for Selina and not an employee.

Season 5 Edit

Amy brings in Karen in The Eagle to stall for time while they try to find where the missing ballots are in Nevada. She also consults Selina during the US Economic Crisis in C**Tgate when Selina needs advice.

Season 7 Edit

Karen appears as Andrew's lawyer in Super Tuesday.

Appearances Edit

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