Thornhill 2016
Thornhill logo.png
Campaign 2016 U.S. primary elections
Candidate Joe Thornhill
Baseball manager
Status Announced: November 2015
Withdrew: Spring 2016
Key people Bill Ericsson (manager)

The 2016 presidential campaign of Joe Thornhill, an ex-baseball manager, for the party nomination for President of the United States in 2016 was announced in November 2015.  He suspended his campaign in the spring of 2016.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Before the primaries[edit | edit source]

Thornhill announced his campaign in November 2015. According to Selina Meyer, he appealed to the blue collar-type voters. At the primary debate, Thornhill was confronted with rumors that he had an affair. He admitted this and apologized to the nation. With this, and using his record as a baseball manager to "take America to the pennant," Thornhill won the debate.

Bill Ericsson, whom Meyer wanted to run her campaign, refused to join her campaign and joined Thornhill's instead, because he thinks Thornhill can win.

Primaries[edit | edit source]

On January 21, 2016, Thornhill defeated his opponents in the Iowa caucuses. At his victory speech, Thornhill stated "I worked my whole life, and now it's time for this country to work! Let's take our shirts off and work up a sweat!". With Owen Pierce and George Maddox out of the race, the fight narrowed down to just Thornhill, Chung, and Meyer. In the New Hampshire primary, Chung took first place, with Thornhill beating Meyer by just one percent.

Several weeks later, at a secret meeting between Ericsson and Meyer campaign manager Amy Brookheimer, Ericsson revealed that he is thinking about quitting, regretting joining the campaign as Thornhill is incompetent. Ericsson officially joined the Meyer team in February 2016, replacing Jim Owens as Director of Communications.

Sometime in spring 2016, Thornhill must have dropped out as Meyer became the party nominee.

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