Jim Marwood is the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and a recurring character in seasons two, four, and five of Veep. He is a member of the Republican Party. He is portrayed by David Rasche.

Season 2Edit

Jim Marwood first appears in The Vic Allen Dinner, months after winning a majority in the House in the Midterms. He is referred to as "the new speaker". Kent informs Selina that she can't make fun of him in her song. He makes another appearance in Shutdown, refusing to talk to POTUS to make further talks regarding the Government Shutdown.

Season 5Edit

In C**Tgate, Mike catches Tom and Sydney Purcell having lunch at a Korean BBQ place. It is revealed that Tom is negotiating to make a tie in the House, have the vote go to the Senate and have him become President, and Jim Marwood would delay any House vote.

In Inauguration, Jim appears on the TV to say that the House of Representatives will not vote on President again. He also appears later that episode with the Coffee between Selina and Laura Montez.

Trivia Edit

-Marwood is from Indiana.

Appearances Edit