I hear she's a gash and a half.
– Selina

Jane McCabe is an anchor for CBS This Morning. She has a reputation for being very difficult to work with. She is portrayed by Margaret Colin.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

When Dan gets a job working with CBS This Morning, he realizes how hot-headed Jane is, and tries to get fired so he doesn't have to work with her. His plan backfires, and he ends up co-anchoring with her.

Jane and Dan, on air, have great chemistry. Dan finds out that people believe that Jane and him are having sex. When Dan accuses Jane of starting these rumors, she says she is doing it so she won't be considered "grandma" and replaced with a younger anchor.

Dan complains about his relationship with Jane, and is greeted by an HR representative. Dan confides in the representative, knowing that Jane will be fired.

Soon afterwards, Jane awkwardly resigns on air, being consoled by Dan, who is not only replacing her but was the reason why she was fired.

Jane returns to interview Jonah Ryan, who was going to be interviewed by Dan. Later, Jane is rehired, returning to her old position, and Dan is fired.

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Offices and distinctions[edit | edit source]

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