The Fiscal Responsibility Bill was a major piece of legislation in the first season of Veep. The Bill was introduced in the 113th United States Congress. It's fate is currently unknown.

Macauley Amendment Edit

President Stuart Hughes, a huge advocate of the Fiscal Responsibility Bill, wants so much attention diverted to the bill, so he removes Selina's Clean Jobs Bill off the table. Amy and Mike oppose Dan's idea of having a sympathetic senator add the best parts of the clean-jobs legislation to an amendment on the fiscal responsibility bill. It would be disloyal. Dan claims Sen. Macauley is sponsoring the amendment anyway, so Selina wouldn't be stabbing the President in the back.

A trip to Paris is postponed when the Veep must cast the deciding vote on the Macauley Amendment. If the bill passes, the meat of the Veep's clean-jobs policy would be enacted. Selina wants to vote her conscience but doesn't know what that is. Dan hates the policy but says vote for it and back your own agenda. Amy wants her to vote against their pet project because the President doesn't want it.

When the vote on the amendment in the Senate ties, Selina votes against the amendment, backing the President but discarding everything she was worked for and believes.

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