Washington D.C.
Played by
Jessica St. Clair
Dana was a recurring character in season two of Veep. She was Gary's girlfriend. She is portrayed by Jessica St. Clair.

Season 2 Edit

Dana first appears in Midterms, giving Amy Selina's lipstick she borrowed. Gary tells Selina that Dana told her friends of Selina's "signals", leading to leaked information. Selina, feeling Gary feels undervalued, invites Dana and him to lunch, only for it to end with Selina snapping at Dana. This feud between Dana and Selina continues throughout the season, and Dana wants Gary to come work with her at her cheese business when Selina says she won't run for re-election in 2016 with Hughes, but Gary wants to stay as Selina says she'll run for President.

Season 3 Edit

Dana makes another appearance in The Choice, still together with Gary. She does not make any appearances beyond this episode and is never mentioned again.

Appearances Edit