Catherine's Brownstone is located in the upper west side of Manhattan in New York City, New York. It is the current residence Catherine Meyer and Marjorie Palmiotti, and briefly served as the residence of former President Selina Meyer from 2017 until her return to office.

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After moving out of the Executive Residence in 2017, Catherine was able to purchase a brownstone in New York, having acquired a great deal of money from her grandmother's recent passing. She invited her mother to live with her and Marjorie. The brownstone would become Selina's permanent residence.

Despite the property being owned by Catherine, it appears that Selina had a great deal of influence when decorating the brownstone, as Selina has to remind Catherine that the couch is made of imported French linen in A Woman First.

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The brownstone reappears in Super Tuesday. As it was at least a year since it was last seen, the home was partially remodeled, with wallpaper all along the entryway.

Following her victory in the 2020 presidential election, Selina would return to the Executive Residence and have no need to stay at the brownstone. After Catherine disowned Selina during the convention, it would be unlikely that Selina would have been invited to return after she left office in 2025.

The brownstone makes it's final appearance in the series finale, taking place in the year 2044/45, still serving as the home of Catherine and Marjorie.

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