Candi Caruso served as the chief of staff to President Montez. She is portrayed by Morgan Smith.

Description Edit

Candi's original name was Candice but she changed it to Candi. She is very attractive, but can't seem to get a job in the Selina Meyer administration.

Season 5 Edit

Candi first appears in Morning After as Selina needs someone to head up the Nevada recount. Amy begs Selina for the position, so Candi is dismissed. She then appears in C**Tgate, offered yet another job, but dismissed again. In Congressional Ball, Candi appears, having just been engaged to Gary Welsh (who everyone mistook for Gary Walsh), who was named on the 50 Hottest D.C. Staffers list. In Inauguration, she gets a job working as Chief of Staff for the Montez administration.

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Offices and distinctions Edit

Political offices
Preceded by
Ben Cafferty
White House Chief of Staff
2017 - 2021
Succeeded by
Michelle York
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