Blake Stewart
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Stewart in 2015
He's the bubonic plague of this party.

Blake Stewart is a former presidential candidate who was the party's nominee for the 2004 presidential election. He was defeated in a landslide by the opposition candidate, who would become the 43rd president of the United States.

Background Edit

Professional Edit

Stewart is known in Iowan politics as he attended the funeral of Rick Cowgill in 2015.

2004 presidential campaign Edit

Stewart won the party nomination in 2004. He later recalled that campaigning was initially exhilarating. On election night, Stewart was defeated in a 49-state loss. Stewart would later blame himself for the loss, citing his poor public speaking skills.

Appearances Edit

He is portrayed by Kevin O'Rourke.

Offices and distinctions Edit

Party political offices

Preceded by

Party nominee for President of the United States
Succeeded by
Eventually Stuart Hughes (2012)
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