Bill Ericsson is the former White House Director of Communications and a recurring character in seasons three, four, and five of Veep. Many describe him as effective and one of the best campaign managers out there. He starts out working for Joe Thornhill, then Selina Meyer, then Judy Sherman. He is portrayed by Diedrich Bader.

Description Edit

Bill is described as being politically conniving and oftentimes puts fears into the hearts of other Meyer staffers. Amy described him as a "Nazi Doctor" in East Wing.

Season 3 Edit

In Some New Beginnings, Ben mentions Selina as a possible contender for campaign manager, saying he got "Briggs elected twice". First seen in Fishing, Bill's outline for Selina's campaign is to get rid of everyone on her staff, shortly before revealing he has accepted a job working for Joe Thornhill, a primary opponent of Selina, saying he thinks he can win.

Season 4 Edit

In Joint Session, Bill reveals that Thornhill is thinking of dropping out of the race, scaring Amy, thinking he could take her job. In East Wing, Selina announces that she will be bringing Bill into the administration. After the multiple data breaches, Bill is blamed in Testimony, and will be facing prison time. He pleads with Selina on Election Night to pardon him, which she refuses to do.

Season 5 Edit

The Morning After the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, everyone is shocked to see Bill back at work. Ben reveals that Selina will pardon him if he lays low. The next day, Bill is arrested following a Snafu at a race symposium. He returns in C**Tgate, revealing his lawyers got the case dropped and, fueled by revenge, is funding Judy Sherman's campaign, who is running against Jonah Ryan in the New Hampshire Congressional Race. Sherman eventually loses.

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