Benjamin Cafferty is the former White House Chief of Staff under both Presidents Hughes and Meyer. He is often very pessimistic of all the things going on in the office, and always thinks the worst in all situations. When things get tough and overwhelming, Ben has a tendency to hide in the supply closet and realign himself. He is portrayed by Kevin Dunn.

Early life Edit

Ben does appear to have family, though he is not close to them. In Testimony, he reveals that he has children and in Thanksgiving he admits that he is unsure which members of his family are at his house for Thanksgiving dinner. In Kissing Your Sister it is revealed that Ben is married to an Asian nurse called Joyce, who he met after his second heart attack.

According to the Jonah Ryan Congressman website, Ben ran an international political consultant group called Cafferty Associates, prior to working with President Hughes.

Chief of Staff to President Hughes (2013 - 2016) Edit

Ben was first introduced in Midterms, as Ben is worried that President Hughes will fire him for the party's disastrous performance in the 2014 midterm elections. Hughes, however, asks Ben to stay on. Ben continues to be close to Selina throughout the course of the second season. 

Ben continues to be of use to Selina when she announces her presidential campaign. During her book tour in Iowa, he advises her to choose Bill Ericsson as campaign manager. Ben is one of the first to learn that Selina will become President once Hughes resigns. 

Chief of Staff to President Meyer (2016 - 2017) Edit

In New Hampshire, Selina persuades Ben to stay on after President Hughes resigns and work for her. Though he appears reluctant, he proves a loyal advisor, organizing lobbyists to crush Selina's unpopular bill in B/ill in the hopes that she will remain president and showing a willingness to discreetly arrange a prostitute for Selina to have sex with in Nev-ah-da. Ben offers to be fired in Data after the Medileaks scandal

Ben and Kent look for a position at the same firm once Laura Montez takes office. 

Trivia Edit

-Joyce is Ben's fourth wife. In Helsinki, it is revealed that Ben has been divorced three times. His second wife was a nurse, as is Joyce. His second marriage took place in the rain, as Ben said: "My second marriage took place in the rain. And you could see my nipples in all the photos."  

-Ben has had three heart attacks. His third heart attack occurred in 2010, and that's where he met Joyce.  


Regarding his nine-cup Thermos: "It's the only thing I'd save if this building were on fire."

"We all know the White House would work so much better if there wasn't a President, but there is, so we work around that."

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