Barbara Hallowes
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United States Senator
from Nevada
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Children Carol

Barbara Hallowes is a United States senator from Nevada.

Background Edit

Personal Edit

She is viewed by Vice President Selina Meyer's staff as being a miserly and cranky lady, as she is a thorn in the side of Meyer's agenda. She has a daughter Carol, whom Dan Egan winds up having a relationship with in order to advance his political career.

Professional Edit

Hallowes politically is aligned with the plastics and oil industries.

U.S. Senate Edit

Hallowes appears to have a long history serving alongside Selina Meyer in the Senate. Hallowes acquired communications director Dan Egan from an Ohio congresswoman.

In 2013, after a member of Meyer's team sent tweet inadvertently repelling the plastics industry, Meyer offered Hallowes a position on her Clean Jobs commission. Hallowes turned her down flat, claiming that she does not want to piss off oil.

Hallowes mentions that Meyer's rogue "tweeter" was "hoisted by his own retard". After Meyer controversially used the joke at an event, Egan leaked to the press that Hallowes goaded Meyer into using the joke, as well as outing late Senator David Reeves as a sexual predator.

Following the 2016 presidential election, it is mentioned that Hallowes was doing ground work for the recount in Nevada.

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Hallowes and Meyer in 2018

Hallowes appeared in March 2018, meeting with Meyer after Meyer expressed interest in becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

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She is portrayed by Kate Burton.

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U.S. Senate
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