Andrew Meyer is the ex-husband of Selina Meyer, and the father of Catherine Meyer. He is portrayed by David Pasquesi.

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Andrew married Selina Eaton in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Their only daughter, Catherine Meyer, was born on June 9, 1994. They were married for 12 years, and the got divorced. However, they occasionally reconcile their relationship as lovers, but only for brief periods of time.


Andrew owns a large company, which is revealed to have funded both sides of the 2012 Presidential Election.

Season 1 Edit

It is mentioned that in the 2012 presidential election, Andrew and Selina got closer together and appeared more familial to win the election; a plot orchestrated by Kent Davison.

In the Summer of 2015, Andrew and Selina maintained a sexual relationship, her needing him to fund her future presidential campaign.

Season 5Edit

He appears again in Camp David, with a new girlfriend, Monica. Andrew was originally supposed to propose to her, but it was cut from the episode. Andrew also makes a brief appearance in Catherine Meyer's documentary at the end of Kissing Your Sister, where he reveals that he didn't vote in the election, but if he had he would have voted for Selina Meyer.

Season 6Edit

In Omaha, its appears that Andrew has reconciled his relationship with Selina Meyer, and is aiding her with securing financial backing for the Meyer Fund. However, his methods of doing so are suspicious and borderline illegal, such as attempting to use his and Selina's influence to get foreign investors off the no-fly-list and obtain import permits in exchange for donations. It is also revealed that he takes a percentage of every donation for himself as a "finders fee".

Andrew appears again in Library, where he mentions that a Pakistani industrialist is interested in donating $20 million to Selina Meyer's library fund, only if he can get off the no fly list. Later, whilst en route to a meeting with Regina Pell at Smith College, he suggests either using money from the Meyer Fund to fund the libraries construction, or lie to investors to say that they have enough money, both of which Richard Splett points out are felonies. Upon Catherine Meyer and Marjorie Palmiotti's announcement they intend to have a child, he seems genuinely pleased, but has to immediately leave for a meeting. That night, whilst en route to a fundraiser, a technical malfunction in the SUV causes the on board computer to read out several texts sent to Andrew from Helen Wright , which detail how they slept together and left a "love puddle" on a chair in Selina's office. Upon hearing this, Selina is silently enraged, but Gary Walsh attempts to attack him. Upon arriving at the fundraiser, the two maintain an air of decorum in public. When Wright then goes to the papers about their affair, it comes out that he nicknamed his penis "The First Chubby".

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