Andrew Doyle is an American politician who serves as the current United States Secretary of State. Prior to this, he was the 48th Vice President of the United States. He previously served in the U.S. Senate and as the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He is a recurring character on Veep and a member of the Democratic Party. He is portrayed by Phil Reeves.

U.S. Senator (??? - 2016) Edit

He has a tenuous relationship with Vice President Selina Meyer and her staff, working with her in the episode Catherine on the Clean Jobs Bill but only after putting her in a politically tricky situation on how to fill the clean jobs committee.

Following the Uzbek Hostage Crisis, he confronts Kent Davison and Ben Caffrey after the Senate Intelligence Committee, which he chairs, was not properly informed. Doyle, along with Furlong and Chung, publicly criticize the President during Impeachment talks in D.C.

In October 2015, when Selina announces her candidacy Doyle appears to get Selina to dump Alicia Bryce, the Universal Child Care lady, and replace them with Senior citizens.

Vice Presidency (2016 - 2017) Edit

When Selina became president after President Stuart Hughes resigned in January 2016, she vetted several candidates for Vice President before ultimately deciding to nominate Doyle. President Meyer promised him influence and a significant role in the White House similar to what she was promised when she took the Vice Presidential nomination from Stuart Hughes. However, she casts him aside in the same way.

At the Party Convention in Baltimore, Doyle decides to step off the ticket in the upcoming election as a matter of principle. White House Chief of Staff Ben Cafferty, however, forces him to pretend that he stepped off the ticket because of prostate problems and though Doyle is resistant he is ultimately left with no other choice after Ben informs him that his Chief of Staff, Teddy Sykes, has been molesting Jonah and implies that this news could get leaked.

Doyle also appears on Thanksgiving, acting in Selina's stead and answering questions about a salmonella outbreak when Selina is unable to do to the fact that she is recovering from an eye lift. In return for acting on her behalf Selina offers to make him Secretary of State, though in Congressional Ball she promises Secretary of State to Rep. Paul Graves.

On January 5, 2017, after the Senate ties in casting their votes between Tom James and Laura Montez, Doyle, as Vice President and President of the Senate, breaks the tie by voting for Montez. When Selina later asks him how he could betray her after she promised to make him Secretary of State, he reveals that he knew about her promising the position to other people and reveals that he has joined Montez's cabinet in that position.

Secretary of State (2017 - Present) Edit

Secretary of State Doyle appears the third episode of the sixth season, Georgia, sending Former President Meyer to the small country to oversee it's first democratic election on the United States' behalf. He does this in an effort to establish what he calls the "Doyle Doctrine" of spreading democracy to other nations. However, the Former President steals this idea in a speech at the end of the episode, calling it the "Meyer Doctrine."