2016 National Convention

2016 presidential election

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Date(s)July 2016
CityLos Angeles, California
Notable SpeakersRoger Furlong
Catherine Meyer
Danny Chung
Owen Pierce
Andrew Doyle
Presidential NomineeSelina Meyer of Maryland
Vice Presidential NomineeTom James of Connecticut
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The 2016 National Convention was a presidential nominating convention, held in July 2016 in Los Angeles, California. The convention gathered party delegates to nominate a candidate for president and vice president in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

President Selina Meyer was chosen as the party nominee during the party's presidential primaries. During the convention, Vice President Andrew Doyle announced he would not be joining Meyer on the ticket as her running mate. Meyer instead nominated former Connecticut Senator Tom James as her running mate.

Nominated candidates Edit

  • Vice President: Former Senator Tom James of Connecticut.

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Day 2 Edit

Day 2 is the primary focus of the episode Convention. Around noon, Vice President Andrew Doyle announced he was leaving the ticket. After learning that Senator Bill O'Brien is planning on nominating Senator Laura Montez for vice president, Meyer saw an opportunity to gain someone more popular.

Meyer immediately went to Governor Danny Chung, whom she defeated in the primaries. He, however, declines the role. She then goes to George Maddox, but is off-put by him and tells him the offer has been rescinded. In a deleted scene in the episode, she goes to Roger Furlong, but immediately says no after several vulgar comments of his.

Staples Center 2012

The Staples Center, real-life site of the 2000 DNC, is the likely site of the 2016 convention.

Around 5PM, hours until her speech, her campaign manager Amy Brookheimer resigns after suggesting Senator Tom James for VP. Despite being initially hesitant to the idea, Amy's meltdown prompts Meyer to follow up on her suggestion, and brings James in, who accepts her offer of running-mate. Meyer delivers her speech and celebrates with Tom afterwards, just as she appoints Kent Davison to campaign manager.

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Veep - 2016 Convention Coverage

Veep - 2016 Convention Coverage

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